Call for scarlet elf cap records

Help us to improve our distributional knowledge of this uncommon winter / early spring fungus in Cumbria!

It can be found on mossy half-buried twigs and dead branches in damp areas on woodland floors. The striking 2-5 cm 'cups' (fruiting body of the fungus) have a brilliant red interior contrasting with a lighter ‘orangeish’ exterior.

We would like to know the whereabouts of any scarlet elf cups you come across but strongly discourage any 'picking' or removal of these fungi from the woods, which could be detrimental to their conservation. There are two British species in the genera that look identical to the naked eye but we will give your sightings to experts who can investigate and make the distinction.

Please send us your NAME, the LOCATION, GRID REFERENCE, and DATE of your sightings, plus a photo if you have one, to Thank you in advance for any help with this search.

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